My family ~Let’s introduce your family in japanese!~

Talk about your family in japanese with your friends!

Tell about your mother and father

・Oka-san (Mother)
Introduce to superior… Haha

・Oto-san (Father)
Introduce to superior… Chichi

・Ryo-shin (Parents)

Practice;What does your father do (work)?

Tell about your brother and sister

・おにいさん Oni-san (older brother)
Introduce to superior… Ani

・おねえさん One-san (older sister)
Introduce to superior… Ane

・弟(おとうと) Otouto (younger brother)

・妹(いもうと) Imouto (younger sister)

when you talk about your friends or someone’s brother and sister,
we say “Otouto san”, “Imouto san”.

older brother and younger brother…Kyoudai
older sister and younger sister…Shimai

Practice: Do you have bother or sister? If you have, talk about it.

Tell about grand father and grand mother

・おじいさん Ojii san (Grand father)
Introduce to superior… Sofu

・おばあさん Obaa san (Grand mother)
Introduce to superior… Sobo

・ひいおばあさん Hii Obaa san (Great-grand mother)

・ひいおじいさん Hii Ojii san (Great-grand father)

Practice: Tell your grand mother and grand father’s memory.

If you married…

How to call your partner after marrige.
・Otto (husband)
・Tsuma (wife)
husband and wife… Fuufu

When you talk about your friends or someone’s husband and wife,
we say Goshujin and Okusan.
Also, someone’s children call Okosan.

How to call your child

Boy… Musuko
Girl… Musume
Grandchild… Mago

Practice: Which one do you want, boy or girl in the future? Also, what do you plan to name your child?

Tell about your pet

Pet… pet (same as English)
To introduce your pet…

○○ wo katte imasu.(I have…)
ex) Inu wo katte imasu. (I have a dog.)

Practice: Do you have a pet? What kind of pet do you have?

Let’s introduce your family!

・わたしの家族は、○人です。(Watashi no kazoku wa ○nin desu.)
例)わたしの家族は4人です。(ex) Watashi no kazoku wa yonin desu.)

・○○と○○と○○がいます。(○○to ○○to ○○ga imasu.)
例)母と父と兄とわたしです。(ex) Haha to Chichi to Ani to Watashi desu. )
母と父と兄がいます。( Haha to Chichi to Ani ga imasu.)

Ask to your friend

Let’s ask to your friend about family.

・家族は何人いますか?・Kazoku wa nannin imasuka?
(How many people do you have in your family?)

・誰がいますか?・Dare ga imasuka?
(Who is in there?)

・おいくつですか?・Oikutsu desuka?
(How old are they?)

・どこに住んでいますか?・Doko ni sunde imasuka?
(Where do they live?)

・お仕事は?・Oshigoto wa?
(What is their job?)

Let’s plactice conversation!



A: Kazoku wa nannin imasuka?
B: Watashi no kazoku wa rokunin desu.
Sobo to haha to chichi to imouto desu.
Sorekara pet no neko wo katte imasu.
A: Imouto san wa oikutsu desuka?
B: Nijyu-yonsai desu.
A: Oshigoto wa?
B: Gakko no sensei wo shiteimasu.

Let’s paractice and introduce your fabulous family in Japanese!



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