What is your hobby? Let’s become able to listen and answer about hobby in Japanese!

This time,let’s study about hobby with us.
Let’s say about your hobby in Japanese to your friends,people who meet for the first time.


To tell about your hobby・・・

・Watashino shumi ha ○○ desu.

To tell what you like …
・Watashi ha ○○ ga sukidesu.

To tell what you are good at…
・Watashiha ○○ ga dekimasu.

Let’s put yourselve in ○○ and tell.

If you want to ask about friend’s hobby・・・

・What is your hobby?
Shumi ha nandesuka?


To tell more details・・・Movie versions

・My hobby is watching movies.
Watashi no shumi ha eiga wo miru koto desu.

・I like to watch movies.
Watashi ha eiga wo miru koto ga suki desu.

There are a lot of different kinds of movies.
Which is your favorite movies?

<Kinds of movies>
・Action アクション
・Anime アニメ
・Comedy お笑い
・Horror ホラー
・Love 恋愛(れんあい)

Let’s tell about your favorite movies!
・I like action movies.
Watashi ha akusyon (eiga) ga sukidesu.

・I like to watch anime movies.
Watashi ha anime (eiga) wo miru koto ga sukidesu.

To tell more details・・・Music versions

・My hobby is listening music.
Watashi no shumi ha ongaku wo kiku koto desu.

・I like to listen music.
Watashiha, ongaku wo kiku koto ga suki desu.

There are a lot of differnt kinds of music.
<Kinds of music>
・J-pop(Japanese songs)
・Enka(Japanese traditional style ballad )

Let’s tell about your country’s songs or artist to your friends.

To tell more details・・・Instrument・Dance version

People who is not only listening music but also playing!

For example…
・Singing a song
Uta wo utau koto

・Going to karaoke
karaoke ni iku koto

・Playing instrument
Ongaku wo suru koto

Dansu wo odoru koto

There are a lot different kinds of instrument and dance.
<KInds of instrument>
・Playing the piano
Piano wo hiku

・Playing the guitar
Gita wo hiku

In instrument, there’s an expression of ”○○wo suru” and ”○○wo hiku”.
You should remember this!

Odori is japanese traditional dance.
There are a lot different kinds of dance.
Let’s check it up!


Let’s use this expression about what you are good at.
・I can play the ○○.
Watashi ha ○○ ga dekimasu.

For example)I can play the piano.
Watashi ha piano wo hiku koto ga dekimasu.

To tell more details・・・Sport versions

・My hobby is playing sports.
Watashi no shumi ha supo-tu (wo surukoto)desu.
・I can play sports.
Watashiha supo-tu ga dekimasu.
・I can play ○○.
Watashi ha ○○ ga dekimasu.
・I like to play ○○.
Watashi ha ○○(wo surukoto ) ga suki desu.

<Kinds of sports>
・golf ゴルフ
・soccer サッカー
・baseball やきゅう
・jyu-dou じゅうどう
・jogging じょぎんぐ
・swimming すいえい
・skate すけーと
・table tennis / ping-pong たっきゅう
・tennis  テニス
・basketball バスケ

If you like watching sports, you can tell like that.
・I like watching soccer.
Watashi ha sakka- wo miru koto ga suki desu.
・I like watching baseball games.
Watashi ha yakyu kansen ga suki desu.

To tell more details・・Reading version

・My hobby is reading books.
Watashi no syumi ha dokusyo wo suru koto desu.
・I like reading books.
Watashi ha dokusyo wo suru koto ga suki desu
・I like reading books at home.
Uchi de hon wo yomu koto ga suki desu.
<Kinds of books>
・Literature/Litelary works ぶんがく
・Novel (Romance・Mystery…) しょうせつ
・Horror ホラー
・SF えすえふ
・Fantasy ふぁんたじー
・Mystery ミステリー
・Manga/Commic まんが/こみっく

To tell more details・・・Others!

・Taking pictures
・Studying other language
・PLaying the games
・Watching TV/Youtube



There are many hobbies.
Did you find how to say about your hobby?


Let’s practice conversation.

A: What is your hobby?
B: I like sports.


Let’s ask about favorite kinds.

・What ○○ do you like?
・What ○○ can yo do?

A:What sports do you like?
B:It is baseball.

If you have same hobby,you can tell like that.
・Me too.
・I like ○○, too.

Let’s tell your friends about your hobby and get to know each other better!

Let’s study together!



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