You are familiar with Japan⁉ Do you know about Japanese typical food?

Let know about Japanese typical food!

One of the pleasure of traveling abroad is eating authentic cuisine!
There are many ingredients or how to cook which you have never eaten.
Especially, Japan has many types of food. So, you can enjoy various taste of them.
We introduce about Japanese typical food this time.
Have you ever known or eaten them?

Speaking of Japanese food,nothing is better than sushi!
It is a rare food which eat raw fish!?

It is a dish of vinegared rice topped with raw fish. You eat it by dipping it in soy sauce and wasabi.

If you ask to Japanese people ”What is Japanese typical food?” ,they absolutely say ”It is Sushi.”


Sushi used to be sold at food stands,but now you can enjoy reasonable price and delicious sushi at Kaiten-zushi.

Beef melts in your mouth! Sukiyaki – sweet and salty , great match with rice

Nabe-ryori refers to a hot pot in Japanese.

Sukiyaki is one of nabe-ryori made from meat and vegetable salty sweet sauce(soy sauce,sake,sugar) and you can eat it dipping in raw egg.

Winter season is the perfect time for Sukiyaki.

Generally, Japanese have image that Sukiyaki’s meat is beef. But some people use pork, chicken and fish instead of beef in some regions or era.

Tempura – you can enjoy ingredients taste

Tempura is a dish usually consisting of shrimp,seafood and vegetables that have been battered which soft flour and eggs are dissolved in water,and deep fried.

You eat the tempura by dipping it into tsuyu( It is the tempura sauce) or salt.

It is important how food is placed on the plate than how to make. If you put shrimp put against other vegetables tempura , it looks beautiful.

Freshly cooked tempura has a great texture.

Please eat it while it is hot♪

This is Japanese noodles! Udon / Soba

Udon and Soba are Japanese noodles.
Udon is made from flour. Soba is made from buckwheat flour.
You can eat both in hot or cold broth,and you can change how to eat depends on seasons and eat easily.
And you can enjoy the aroma as well as the taste if you order ”zarusoba”.

When you order ”zarusoba”, it comes with ”soba-yu”(it is hot buckwheat water.)
Soba-yu is rich in nutrients. You can drink what it is or you put soba-yu in the leftover dipping sauce and drink it.

But ,there is one thing to be careful of before eating soba.
Some people have an allergy to buckwheat needs a special care to eat or smells soba.
Because it is high possible that allergies go off.

You need to understand about allergy if you eat soba for the first time.


Let’s be able to say about your favorite food!

・わたしは○○が好きです。(My favorite food is ○○.)

Watashi ha ○○ ga suki desu

What if you have a lot of favorite foods?

・わたしの好きな食べ物(料理)は○○と○○と…です。(・I like ○○,○○ and ○○.)

Watashi no suki na tabemono (ryouri)ha ○○ to ○○ desu.


Let’s practice conversation!



A: ”Mr (Mrs, Ms) B, what is your favorite food?”←(~は何ですか?=What is this?)




B:”(My) favorite food is curry. How about you?”←(Aさんは?=How about you?)



A:” I like ramen.”


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