Which side are you on? For breakfast,bread or rice? ~various conversation~

What do you usually have for breakfast, bread or rice?

Japanese people often discuss this topic.
Occasionally, speaking of japanese breakfast was used to eatingt rice and grilled fish.
But now, there are many people eat bread for breakfast. Because bread is easy to take for breakfast when they don’t have time to eat.
For this reason, bread culture spread in Japan.
How about your country’s morning?

Let’s practice to ask your friends! Also, try to tell about yourself.


Which one do you often have with fried egg, soy source, source or solt?

Do you often eat fried egg? If you are not, omlet will be okay.
What will you often eat with or nothing with that?
In Japan, we choose soy source, source, solt or mayonnaise…it’s different by homelife.
It’s interesting question to talk with friends because a seasoning will be different for each countries.

Let’s practice to ask your friends! also, try to tell yourself.

Which one do you prefer for curry, beef or pork?

It’s separate east or south in Japan.
In Tokyo, everyone choose pork but in Osaka, everyone choose beef for curry rice.
Curry rice is common meal in many countries, so each countries arrange this meal by each countries way.
What do you often into curry?

If you have an opportunity to talk with Japanese, talk about this topic !

Let’s be able to say about your favorite food!

・わたしは○○が好きです。(My favorite food is ○○.)

Watashi ha ○○ ga suki desu

What if you have a lot of favorite foods?

・わたしの好きな食べ物(料理)は○○と○○と…です。(・I like ○○,○○ and ○○.)

Watashi no suki na tabemono (ryouri)ha ○○ to ○○ desu.


Let’s practice conversation!



A: ”Mr (Mrs, Ms) B, what is your favorite food?”←(~は何ですか?=What is this?)




B:”(My) favorite food is curry. How about you?”←(Aさんは?=How about you?)



A:” I like ramen.”

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