Pham Thi Lieu from Vietnam! I love Japanese culture!

country: Vietnam

Why did you start to study Japanese?

Because I love Japanese language and Japanese culture.
I think Japanese cultures are gorgeous and beautiful so I like that.

Did you feel anxious before come to Japan?

I didn’t have any acquaintance in Japan that made me anxious.

Did you surprise something about Japan?

Vending machine! Japan have a lot of vending machine.
Vietnam doesn’t have vending machine,so it made me surprise.

How is school?

I enjoy school life. The class is so fun and teachers are so kind to me.

Which classroom do you like?

I like Kanji and Grammar class.
Kanji is very difficult, but I want to study more.
My favorite word is 海”Umi means sea” because sea is wide and beautiful.

Do you have a part-time job?

I work at vegetable factory.
I sometimes talk with Japanese. It is fun.

What is your favorite Japanese food?

I like Yakiniku. My favorite part is Round.

What is your favorite culture?

Kimono culture.
Vietnam doesn’t have this culture.

What is your favorite place in Japan?

I like every place. Especially, I like Namba and Umeda in Osaka.
Umeda have many buildings!

What is your dislike Japanese food?

I don’t have. I love all Japanese food, I can eat Natto and Wasabi.

What is your future goal?

I’m planning to go back to country after graduate.
I want to build own house in Vietnam.


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