Vu Tien Phu from Vietnam. He loves Lexus! The goal is learn about Japanese car industry!

Country: Vietnam

Why did you start to study Japanese language?

Because I would like to learn about Japanese car.
Japanese car industry have in the forefront of tequnique in the world.
Also, I like Lexus made in Japan, so I came to Japan.

Did you afraid of something before come to japan?

I’m worried about lifestyle. I didn’t know a lot of things before come to Japan.

What were you surprised about when you came to Japan?

I was surprised about train, it is very useful than I thought.

Do you enjoy the school?

Yes, so much. Especially, when taking a lesson at school, it is very interesting for me.

Which class do you like?

I like vocabulary. I am interested in knowing new vocabulary.

Do you do part-time job?

I work at Sushi restaurant. I work part of a kicthen staff member but I’m learning floor staff’s job as well.
It’s good experience for studynig Japanese, so I’m keeping study.

What is your favorite Japanese foods?

I like Tempura. Especially, I like eggplant and renkon (lotus loots) of tempura.

What is your favorite Japanese culture?

I like Sumo.

Where is your favorite place in Japan?

Namba is my favorite place. I often go shopping to Namba.

What is your dislike foods in Japan?

I don’t have dislike foods but I haven’t eat Natto yet.

What is your future goal?

My future goal is to become a car engineer.
I’m thinking to enter proffesional school of car after graduate school.
After that I’ll be working in Japan about 10 years then go back to my country.