Mr. CHHAN SAMNIENG had some experiences working with Japanese in Cambodia that encouraged him come to Japan.



Why do you study Japanese?

When I was a student at high school I had a dream to Japan.
Finally, after I had worked at Japanese company for two years I had a chance to be here.
During my working there I do enjoy made the conversation with Japanese co-workers.
Moreover, I think that Japaneses’ culture is great.
That all reasons that I decided to come to Japan.

Did you have anything that you were worried before come to Japan?

Well, I was afraid of earthquake or natural disasters.

What were you surprised about when you came to Japan?

Because it is a safe place I do not feel any danger.
Honestly, I do surprised with Shinkansen speed is very fast. I want to explore
one day.

Do you enjoy the school?

I do enjoy very much because I often talk with friends and teaching is interesting.
Furthermore, everyone studies hard which make me enjoy the class.

Which class do you like?

I like Kanji class. Even though it a bit difficult but really enjoy.
My favorite Kanji is “ 大学”(It means college). Actually, I had practiced writing it a lot at Cambodia.

Do you do part time job?

Yes, I am working in a vegetable company where I was referred by friend.

 What is your Japanese favorite food?

I love Sushi. I always buy it at supermarket and enjoy eating every week. It is delicious but i still don’t know sushi item.

Which Japanese culture do you like?

I like anime and drama. I watch with English subtitles because it is too difficult to completely understand.

Where is your favorite place in Japan?

It is Osaka castle. When i had visited there,cherry blossomes bloomed.
It was so beautiful.

What is your least favorite Japanese food?

I do not have. I can eat all of them even Natto.
My teacher always bought me the Natto.

What is your future goal?

After graduated, I want to work in Japanese company and live for a long time period. I hope may work with kids.