Very Simple!26 phrases for greetings in Japanese

Let’s say greeting in Japanese! Various greeting

Today, we are going to introduce about Japanese greetings.
We show the various situations so please remember and use it!

Greeting is very important things in Japan. When meeting someone for the first time with nicely greeting and smile, first impression will be favorable.

Let’s master the Japanese greetings with us!

①Meet someone for the first time

When you met someone for the first time, you can use this.
This means same as “Nice to meet you. ” in English.

「私の名前は○○です。」Watashi no namae ha ○○ desu
You can tell your name by using this sentence.

「○○から来ました。」○○ kara kimashita
Put in your country before ~kara, you can tell your country.

「どうぞよろしくお願いします。」Douzo yoroshiku onegai simasu
(End of greeting, say this sentence.
You can also use this, when you want to request something.

②Everyday greetings

「おはようございます。」Ohayou gozaimasu
When you meet someone in the morning, you can use this.
It is able to use everyone.


When you meet your friends, family or junior, use this one.
This one cannot be able to use strengers or senior. It’s impolite expression!


When you meet someone at daytime, use this.

When you meet someone at night time, use this.

When you leave from someone, use this.

Before you take a sleep, use this.


「ありがとうございます。」arigatou gozaimasu
This is a polite expression to say “Thank you”.


This expression is friendly way of speaking better than before.
When we thank a person, we nomaly bow.

「どういたしまして。」dou itashimashite
「いえいえ。」ie ie
After the appreciation by someone, use these expressions. These means same as a “Your welcome.”


「ごめんなさい。」gomen nasai
These expressions use in everyday life. Do not use in business situation.

This is polite expression.
This one also have different means.
First, when apologize to someone. Second, go talk to someone.
Then also, when you appreciate to someone, you can use this.
“Sumimasen.” is really useful words.

「申し訳ございません。」moushiwake gozaimasen
「申し訳ありません。」moushiwake arimasen

These expressions are more polite than other.

Japanese people bow deeply when they apologize.


⑤Before and After meals


Before having meals, Japanese people always join the palms in front of chest.
Then say “Itadakimasu”.

「ごちそうさまでした。」gochisou sama deshita

After having meals, say this expressions and join the palms same as before eating meals.

These phrases show your appreciation to lives of any kind foods and the person who have prepared the meals.

⑥Leave the home/Return the home

When you leave your home, you be able to use this.

It uses to response to ”Ittekimasu”.

It uses to response to ”Ittekimasu”.

「おかえりなさい。」okaeri nasai

Let’s response to ”Tadaima”.

How was it? Some phrases are a little bit long, but keep trying!