Surprised at alert which earthquake warly warning and helpmark! Mr.SAM KIMHONG study Japanese while enjoying the four seasons.


Why do you study Japanese?

I thought to study Japanese culture and habit.
Therefore i need to study Japanese.
I have a choice to study English,but i can pronounce Japanese better than English.

And also,Japanese is polite and have culture like a good example.

I want to be like an Japanese.
If i can master Japanese languange, i will be a nice person like Japanese.

Did you have anything that you were worried before come to Japan?

No,i did not have. I knew that Japan is so safe country.

Of course,i have worried about nature disaster (earthquake and tsunami),but i can notice before it happens thanks to alert.

So,i’m not afraid. 

What were you surprised about when you came to Japan?

I have three.
The first, it is train. Cambodia’s train is a little slow.
Public transportation system in Japan are too complicated,and it makes me to be anxious.

The second, it is ”helpmark”.
Disabled people have ”helpmark”.
I think this system is great,and that is so Japanese.

The three, it is to stand in line.
Japanese stand in line at supermarket. If someone cut inl line, other people says to go back to the end of line.
I really surprised.

Do you enjoy the school?

Yes, i do enjoy very much.
I really enjoy taking lessons. And my classmates are all Vietnamese.
My teachers teaching method is interesting.

Which class do you like?

I like vocabulary. I am interested in knowing new vocabulary.
I learned recently ”itatte”. (It means extremely in English. )

Do you do part time job?

I am working in a vegetable company.

What is your Japanese favorite food?

It is Okonomiyaki and Shiroi Koibito.

Which Japanese culture do you like?

I like anime,so iam watching ”My neighbor Totoro”.
I study with Japanese subtitles.

Where is your favorite place in Japan?

It is a park in Kobe. Autumn leaves were beautiful when I had visited there.
Leaves turned orage were so beautiful.

And aliso,I had been to Osaka castle in spring.
I was impreesed by watching pink cherry blossome trees.

What is your least favorite Japanese food?

I am not good at wasabi.
Wasabi is not in Cambodia. When i ate for the first time, i was surprised that i got headache.

What is your future goal?

It is to pass the N1. So,i have to study hard in Howdy Japanese school.
After graduated, i want to study to be a preschool teacher.

I hope to be active as a preschool teacher.